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Sector-44, Sadarpur, Noida 201301 (Near to Amrapali Sapphire, Entry gate no: 1)
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Our training studio


  • " This testimonial is based on my five months of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training " Amrit Singh Co-founder, Resonant Systems (Noida)
  • " I started training with Mr. Basu as I wanted to learn Kick-Boxing " Rahul Singh Solanki Director. Cybex Exim Pvt. Ltd (Noida)
  • " I have been training with Basu for more than 6 months. To begin with, I joined kick boxing"Praveen Jaipal Software Professional(Noida)
  • "After trying a lot of options and big names,gyms, health clubs in the city," Tina Khalon ( Business Professional )
  • " It's really a great platform where you can take your energy to the next level. Abhinav Atrey ( Student )
  • " Suvro Sir is one of the best mixed martial arts coach around. He knows the subject well and only certified " Priyank Johari ( Founder : Rock my sales )

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About the Dynamic Kick Boxing

"Welcome to the fastest growing North Indias biggest and fully equipped MMA(Mixed Martial Arts), Muay Thai(Thai boxing) and Functional Fitness Training gym, located in the beautiful city of Noida. "

Training professional fighters to normal civilian, we at "DYNAMIC KICKBOXING CROSS TRAINING FITNESS" strives to incorporate fitness into everyday life through various Combat systems and extreme Fitness workouts. We take fitness to a new level with variety, result-driven awesomely motivating workouts Our classes run six days a week.

Training at our gym will offer you ALL of the above. No experience is necessary. Classes are fun, energetic and professional. If you are searching for a more superior form of workout than your typical gym routine - we will elevate your fitness to a new level through our unique, intense and progressive combat training. So come out and train with us at our fully equipped Muay Thai kickboxing gym in the heart of the beautiful clean and green city of India, with free parking on the side streets and easily accessible by Metro and Bus Routes. We offer a diverse set of classes including :-

  • Muay Thai Combat training
  • Kickboxing Combat and Fitness
  • Krav Maga Military defense system
  • Russian Kettlebell System of Dynamic Strength and Fitness
  • Cross Training Fitness
  • Various Boot camps & Body Conditioning
  • Competitive Fighters' Training


We are the first and only Muay Thai kickboxing and Combat fitness facility in the city run by highly qualified and certified instructors."Dynamic" is distinguished by friendliness and professionalism. As such, we appeal to the mass population looking for a comfortable and non-intimidating environment to learn and train in, overall this has resulted in a surge of people joining our gym, with many of them being women.

Further to our reputation and credibility and to steer us away from the "just another aerobic kickboxing gym" image, "Dynamic" is run by the Certified Fitness Professionals and elite instructors and trained fighters from multiple martial art and combat sports background. We work tirelessly in maintaining a strong and progressive fighters' program for our active competitors and for those that are considering competition.

DYNAMIC Welcomes you to join our incredible team!!

Personal Training at the DYNAMIC:

One on one training should be like a guide taking a hiker down a path. Unknown to the hiker but well travelled by the guide, the guide knows where the hurdles are and how to avoid them and what is the quickest and safest route to the agreed upon destination. A guide who has never travelled down the path will undoubtedly take you down to dead ends and wrong path, Fitness Training is a life time journey, one needs to stay strong, focused and have energy in reserve for their entire life .

At the "Dynamic Kickboxing Cross Training Fitness" we have been travelling the path ourselves and helping others to explore the joy of Fitness and being fit and strong, through intense training, competition, coaching and research, what works and what does not for an average person or the competitive athlete.

Private training is available in the following areas: Muay Thai, kickboxing, Kettlebell Strength and Fitness, Cross training Fitness Or if you wish to combine some of them, please feel free to contact. The advantage of private training is that we are able to tailor a program to suit your needs, regardless of your skill or fitness level. You will also be able to see results and progress much quicker.

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