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Our training studio


  • " This testimonial is based on my five months of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training " Amrit Singh Co-founder, Resonant Systems (Noida)
  • " I started training with Mr. Basu as I wanted to learn Kick-Boxing " Rahul Singh Solanki Director. Cybex Exim Pvt. Ltd (Noida)
  • " I have been training with Basu for more than 6 months. To begin with, I joined kick boxing"Praveen Jaipal Software Professional(Noida)
  • "After trying a lot of options and big names,gyms, health clubs in the city," Tina Khalon ( Business Professional )
  • " It's really a great platform where you can take your energy to the next level. Abhinav Atrey ( Student )
  • " Suvro Sir is one of the best mixed martial arts coach around. He knows the subject well and only certified " Priyank Johari ( Founder : Rock my sales )

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MMA Combatives(Real World Survival) Why Combatives?

Training for Real World Survival, Only what works!!

Are you ready to experience a new level of fitness and martial arts training that will leave you turning heads wherever you go?

Close quarter self defense with a real world mind set will help you develop the skills to protect you and your family against attackers in multiple scenarios. It uses the best of best in hand to hand combat self defense and combat methodologies. Using a blend of various Israeli systems like Krav Maga, haganah and Components of Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu a system specially crafted for real life self defense. Learn what works under the stress of real assault.

Under pressure and possibly in less than optimum environmental circumstances (that is outside the training hall) the ability to recall and correctly perform that unique solution is very problematic. The killer is that having greater choice increases reaction time. Vital fractions of a second are lost.
Moreover, more techniques means training time has to be spread more thinly over the greater number of movements. Better to have fewer movements and movements that are adapted to new situations meaning the student learns more rapidly and hence under pressure will react in less time.

Key Diffrences

MMA/Combat Sport Combatatives/Survival
Your Goal - Win Your Goal - Survive
Your Safty & pride is on the line Your Life is on the line
priror knoeledge of Opponent No Knowledge of Opponent(s)
Single Opponent Multiple Opponents Likely
Attack and defend From Front Only Attack and Defend From All Side
Weight Classes Larger, Stronger Opponents Likely
unarmed Opponent Armed Opponent(s) Likely
Skilled Opponent/Predictable Attack Unskilled/Unpredectible aTTACK lIKELY
Athletic/Coordinated Movement Atheletic/Coordinate or Awkward Attack
Opponent Attacking Non Lethal Targgets Opponent(s) Attacking Lethal & Non Lethal Targets
Opponent Intention to Damage or Submit Opponent(s)Intention is to Intimidate, Steal Mame, Rape, Kidnap and/or Kill.
Prior Knowledge of Location & Time Need to Ready - Anywhere, Anytime
Padded Flooring and Walls ( Sport Grappling Advantage ) Concrete, Asphalt, Rock, Dirt ( Sport grappling disadvantage)
Padded Environment Flat or Uneven Terrain
No Obstacles Potentially Dangerous/Fatal Obstacles ( curbs, stairs, broken glass, rocks )
Referee Safty Net No Referee Safty Net
No One Else to Defend May Have to Defend Others
Time Limit No time Limit
Rules to Protect the Fighters (Can be explotited) No Rules

While you're learning the skills that could save your life, you'll enjoy dozens of extra benefits that you can only get with the martial arts. Here are just a few:

  • Become more flexible while your reflexes become razor-sharp
  • Enjoy gorgeous muscle tone and a head-turning reflection
  • Your fitness levels will be off the charts and you'll feel amazing
  • Unwanted weight will effortlessly disappear
  • You'll learn practical self-defense to defend yourself in the cage or on the street
  • Laugh away your daily stresses
  • Watch your confidence skyrocket
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