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  • " This testimonial is based on my five months of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training " Amrit Singh Co-founder, Resonant Systems (Noida)
  • " I started training with Mr. Basu as I wanted to learn Kick-Boxing " Rahul Singh Solanki Director. Cybex Exim Pvt. Ltd (Noida)
  • " I have been training with Basu for more than 6 months. To begin with, I joined kick boxing"Praveen Jaipal Software Professional(Noida)
  • "After trying a lot of options and big names,gyms, health clubs in the city," Tina Khalon ( Business Professional )
  • " It's really a great platform where you can take your energy to the next level. Abhinav Atrey ( Student )
  • " Suvro Sir is one of the best mixed martial arts coach around. He knows the subject well and only certified " Priyank Johari ( Founder : Rock my sales )

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" This testimonial is based on my five months of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training with Mr. Basu attending classes thrice weekly. Before I begin, I do admit to having no prior training in MMA, so there is no relative comparison, but from all I can judge Mr. Basu is an excellent Coach. He has been the sole driving factor in developing my skills in MMA, he pays great attention to each of his students weaknesses and focuses on improving them. His skills in kickboxing are out shinned only by his attention to detail and personalized effort towards every student of his class. I have seen a marked improvement in my defense skills as well as overall fitness levels including weight loss and stamina in the past 5 months of training with him. His principles are clear and knowledge is vast, in short, definitely recommended for anyone! "

Amrit SinghCo-founder , Resonant Systems ( Noida )

" I started training with Mr.Basu as I wanted to learn Kick-Boxing but during the training session he emphasised on Cardio training as well which I found very good. I lost weight while practicing. I have done body building in gym for nearly 10-12 years but now I left it after starting with Basu, he has excellent knowledge of Cardio & strength building exercises. He is a very dedicated trainer who can quickly understand your week and strong points.
That's the hallmark of a good coach ."

Rahul Singh SolankiDirector CESPL ( Noida )

"After trying a lot of options and big names,gyms, health clubs in the city, I zero down to Dynamic Kickboxing. A versatile and result oriented fitness curriculum under one roof. Cross Training with Cardio kickboxing is awesome for someone who wants to shred fast and gain strength and stamina and become extremely fit. The curriculum keep you on your toes and sometimes its really tough but when you see the visible results, who doesn't want to work hard. After all No Pain, No gain. Cheers to Basu. "

Tina Khalon ( Business Professional )

" I have been training with Basu for more than 6 months. To begin with, I joined kick boxing classes, because gym was becoming monotonous for me.
I must say that at Dynamic Kick Boxing, I have felt immensely satisfied, because in every class you learn some new techniques, some new drills, something absolutely new in every class.
These classes have definitely increased my agility, stamina, breath control and overall fitness levels. In addition to kick boxing, the cardio and outdoor sessions are also superb!
Each training day with Basu is an extremely satisfying experience and there is a feeling of accomplishment. I strongly recommend Dynamic Kick Boxing for not only martial arts enthusiasts but also for those who want to improve their fitness levels! "

Praveen JaipalSoftware Professional ( Noida )

" For a long time I have been looking forward to ways for d-stressing myself. My first endeavor in this direction was to purchase a treadmill. But i soon ended up selling it at half the price. Next I joined a gym but found it too low-key.
Mr. Basu with his self defense training course offered just what i was looking for; an interactive intense workout. Its great for your body, good for your mind with just the right amount of fun.
Since joining the program I have improved at my work output with the added benefit that my body is in great shape."

Mohit SainiSr. Manager, Job - Business Planning , Subros Ltd. ( Noida )

" I have trained with Suvro Basu for the last few years and have found his knowledge and his willingness to impart practical knowledge to be very admirable. In today's world where it is hard to find an instructor who is educated, knowledgeable and honest in teaching and training, Suvro Basu is a rare find. I highly recommend people to train in the various aspects of marital arts and fitness from him. "

Shashi k Dharani Civilian Self defense and Fitness Instructor, Co-Practioner, Friend ( New Friends Colony )

" My kickboxing sir is very hard working guy. He gives equal time and focuses on all of the students, and shows no partiality towards any of them.
He is perfect in all moves of kickboxing, and knows how to pass his skills to the students. I am privileged that I'm getting trained under his guidance.
He himself is an undisputed fighter which I've figured out after spending so much time with him. Whenever i commit any mistake he is always there to help me out.
I have learnt a lot about fighting and i am improving my moves day by day under his guidance. In the beginning i thought kickboxing will only help in shaping my body and keep me fit but it also helps in self-defense, after mastering kickboxing we can make a good career as well.
I want to become a UFC fighter, i will work hard and hard and make myself possible to reach that limit and make my Sir proud. I hope my Sir will be always with me and help me achieving my dream."

Abhishek Jha Student ( Noida )

" I have been training with Basu Sir for quite some time now, and in my view he is one of the best teachers of the different forms of martial arts across NCR. He has sound knowledge of the various techniques involved and has a clear way of communicating the same to his students. Sparring and training sessions are always disciplined, yet fun. The result is simply a great session in every workout. What I have noticed first hand is that his training methods are never rigid in structure, and he molds them as per the requirement of the candidate. So irrespective of what your goal - to loose weight, remain fit, or to develop some hard-core fighting techniques, he is the perfect person to reach out to . "

Rachit Khare Assistant Manager , Data Analytics The Smart Cube ( Noida )

" Like many people I had become mind numbingly bored with my workout routine and decided it was time to make a change.
So I decided to learn kick boxing and began personal training with Mr. Suvro.P.Basu and now I am addicted to kickboxing, a day without it is like a day without sunshine.
I have joined dynamic kick boxing just to get fit and to learn some self defence techniquess, but just after a month training with Mr.Basu now I am open to any kind of competitions . "

Arjun Sarin Animation Expert ( Noida )

" It's really a great platform where you can take your energy to the next level. It has provided me many opportunities for health and wellness. I have never been in such a motivated level. I love that you go at your own pace and make it what you put into it. With the help of Dynamic Kickboxing, I am enjoying a healthy lifestyle. "

Abhinav Atrey Silver Medalist ( National Kickboxing Champioship 2014 ) ( Student )

" Suvro Sir is one of the best mixed martial arts coach around. He knows the subject well and only certified international coach in Delhi-NCR region and can teach it in a very good manner. He pays attention to details and individuals. Just with 6 months of coaching under him I won bronze in national kick boxing championship. Kudos to him. "

Priyank Johari Bronze Medalist ( National Kickboxing Champioship 2014 ) ( Founder : Rock my sales )

" Suvro Basu is simply a superb coach, his vast knowledge of Health and Fitness makes him an incredible Coach, Professional, attentive, thorough and thoughtful. He focuses on the development of each student, giving us progressions that lead us toward our goals. I started my fitness workout with him around 2years back, the way he combine different workouts day by day not only give you good results but make your interest level more towards fitness. I must say Basu keep up the good work and I feel fortunate to get training from you. "

Deepika Jain (Marketing Head: Go

" I have been associated with Basu Dada for more than a year now. During this time period I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable about the subject of martial arts, absolutely involved with all the students, quick to spot incorrect posture and / or form and provide feedback.
Amazingly he does the entire cardio sequence with the class and I haven't found him out of breath while most students, if not all, are pretty much half past dead. If that wasn't enough he joins us in sparring.
I could write on and on about the him and the classes but all I would say is try once and you will be hooked. "

Gaurav Dabral Guillotine and Choke champ per my Sensei ( Head Presales : Cypress Solutions )

" I am associated with dynamic institute for the past 14months. Under the able guidance of Basu sir it has been an overwhelming experience. For a person like me who hates going to gym,kickboxing and MMA is a sport which provided me fitness with fun. Moreover Basu sir makes learning simple and encourages his students to touch their limits. To be honest I had been inspired to learn MMA after watching the movie "never back down" and the sport has lived up to the expectations. It is great for working professionals who have paucity of time since it is just 3 days a week. "

Vaibhav Jain ( Student-CA )

" I have been training in dynamic kickboxing studio for over 1 year now and my experience has been truly exhilarating so far . One can easily learn to push him\herself beyond limits here. "

Sahil Mishra Bronze Medalist-2014 National Kickboxing ( Architect in V.S associates )

" I joined dynamic kickboxing under Basu sir for the purpose of fitness. I wanted to join martial arts because it was a better than doing gym as it used to get too monotonous. As 2-3 months passed away it got more and more interesting and I started getting more flexible and fit. Then I automatically started training in a more hardcore manned and got deep into its skills and discussing about more tricks and techniques with sir and fellow trainees. As a result, our team won many medals in National IAKO tournaments. I myself won a bronze medal which I think is a great achievement.
The best part about our studio is that we practice both Kickboxing and MMA, hence we does not end up repeating things. Moreover, we have starting taking part in professional tournaments, which is a very good experience. "

Dhruv Agarwal Bronze Medalist-2014 National Kickboxing ( Profession Engineer )

" After attending a number of trial classes in different places, I found Dynamic Kickboxing classes to be the best and most reasonable.The class provides a fantastic workout session.The self defense techniques taught by Suvro Sir have done wonders to my confidence level and as far as self protection is concerned. Survo Sir is a patient and talented teacher who makes the entire length of class interesting. If you want to attend a good kickboxing and self defense class which caters to your personal needs while teaching you authentic and true myua thai then here is the place to go."

Meghna BansalStudent ( BITS-Pilani )

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